Computer Hardware & Networking Booklet

Course Content

Introduction of Hardware and Software/components of computer.

Mother boards, Chipsets & Microprocessor concept & latest available in market. Basics & types of Floppy drive/HDD/DVD/RAM /SMPS/ /BIOS etc

Handling & Holding sensitive equipment’s, Installing Motherboards, Choosing Cabinet & Cooling considerations, Installing CPU.

Assembling of different parts of computers.

Knowing ports, wires attached in the pc. Knowing SATA slots, IDE Slots

CMOS. Setting BIOS configurations

Installation of Windows OS and Application/Utility software

Networking Basics: Different Wires, Hubs, Connectors. Punching/Crimping Tools. Switches, I/O Sockets

IP & Setting up a computer on LAN & Creation of Cross Wires and Direct Cables.

This course includes:

What you'll learn

Candidates who have pursued computer hardware and networking courses can take up jobs in different companies ranging from start-ups to MNCs as all companies require skilled individuals who can solve technical and network issues within the organizations. Jobs are also available in government departments and educational institutions. Following are some of the jobs that computer hardware experts can seek.


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